At Giken Sakata, we provide one-stop integrated solution in precision engineering.  When customer has specific requirements on the production and service package, we provide customized solution according to their needs.

Giken has a strong design team that cater to customers’ expectations in every aspect of the product. We also provide tooling, injection molding, and PCB Assembly services.  The capability in precision turn parts and assembly complete us as an integrated service provider. 

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1. Design


Design & Development

  1. Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
  2. Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  3. 3D mold flow

Mold Design Software

  1. Unigraphics and Autocad
  2. Solidwork

2. Tooling



  1. CNC milling
  2. EDM
  3. Wire cut
  4. Grinding & Turning
  5. Laser welding machine

3. Injection Molding



  1. Class 100k Clean room molding facilities with Robotic handling



  1. Precision Thin Wall
  2. Structural Form
  3. Micro Molding
  4. Insert Molding
  5. Silk screen/Pad Printing
  6. Ultrasonic Welding

4. PCB Assembly



  1. Automated modular SMT lines with placing components QFP, BGA, Micro-BGA and 0201 chips
  2. Low Pressure Molding (LPM) to encapsulate and protect electronic components against moisture, dust and vibration

Testing & Inspection

  1. Auto Optical Inspection (AOI)
  2. In-Circuit Tester (ICT)
  3. X-ray Inspection machine

5. Precision Turned Parts



  1. Own various secondary process machines such as Heat treatment , Centerless Grinding, Barrel machines and able to design Special Purpose Machine based on customer's requirment.


  1. Specialized in precision turned parts and microshafts for various segments such as Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial and Medical
  2. Able to process φ0.5mm-100mm, Length from 0.8mm - 1000mm

6. Assembly



  1. In-house designed automated production systems
  2. Assemble sophisticated devices