Electronic Manufacturing Services

Our electronic manufacturing services business unit has developed capabilities to produce a wide range of high precision components, such as plastic injection molding parts and as well as PCB assembly. We offer one-stop shop production with con-current engineering.

Precision Shafts

Our precision shafts business unit is fully equipped with comprehensive production facilities including Escomatic, CNC Auto-lathe, center-less grinding, in-house heat treatment, CNC machining center and other value added Special Purpose machine in our Singapore factories.

With our wide range of capabilities, we are able to produce full range of precision turned-parts including motor shafts and customized turned components for various industries.


Our machining business unit specialize in producing high precision machining parts of all kinds and adheres to “Quality First” policy. We make efficient use of CNC Auto-lathe, CNC machining center, high precision grinding and other precision machines. With consummate management system and rich experience in production, we provide one-stop services to our customers in automobile, healthcare, banking, vending, electronics, motor, communication, aerospace and other industries.