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Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation in Singapore, we may be required to change our annual general meeting (the “AGM”) arrangements at shorter notice. Please kindly check this page for the latest updates regarding GSS Energy’s AGM

Update as at 30 May 2020, 12.20 am.

We refer to:

  • our announcement dated 8 April 2020 on the extension of time granted by the Singapore Exchange Regulation and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority to hold the AGM by 29 June 2020;
  • the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 passed by Parliament on 7 April 2020 which enables the Minister for Law by order to prescribe alternative arrangements for listed companies in Singapore to, inter alia, conduct general meetings, either wholly or partly, by electronic communication, video conferencing, tele-conferencing or other electronic means; and
  • the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Alternative Arrangements for Meetings for Companies, Variable Capital Companies, Business Trusts, Unit Trusts and Debenture Holders) Order 2020 (the “Order”) which was gazetted on 13 April 2020, and which sets out the alternative arrangements in respect of, inter alia, general meetings of companies.
Date, time and conduct of AGM
GSS Energy is pleased to announce that pursuant to the Order, its AGM will be convened and held by electronic means, on 22 June 2020 at 10.00 am.
Important advisory due to COVID-19 outbreak
The AGM is an important event in the Company’s corporate calendar as part of our engagement with our shareholders. We would normally encourage and welcome shareholders to attend and participate in our AGM. However, we are faced with an abnormal situation this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Stringent measures are currently in place in Singapore to minimise the spread of COVID-19. The Company will fully comply with all such measures.
In view of this:
  • Notice of AGM, appendix to notice of AGM and proxy form. Notice of AGM, appendix to notice of AGM, and proxy form will be available on SGX website (https://www.sgx.com/securities/company-announcements) and on top of this page.
  • No personal attendance at AGM. Due to the current COVID-19 restriction orders in Singapore, shareholders will not be able to attend the AGM in person.
  • Alternative arrangements for participation at AGM. Shareholders may participate at AGM by:
  1. attendance at the AGM via electronic means (including arrangements by which the meeting can be electronically accessed via live audio-visual webcast or live audio-only stream);
  2. submission of questions to the Chairman of the AGM in advance of the AGM, and addressing of substantial and relevant questions at the AGM; and
  3. voting by appointing the Chairman of the AGM as proxy at the AGM.
Details of the steps for pre-registration, pre-submission of questions and voting at the AGM are set out below.
Shareholders must pre-register via registration link here from now till 10.00 am on 19 June 2020 to enable the Company’s Share Registrar, Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd. to verify their status as shareholders. When you register, please also provide us with the following details:
  • your full name per CDP/CPF/SRS/DA/script based record;
  • NRIC/Passport;
  • Contact number; and
  • Shareholding type (CDP/CPF/SRS/DA/script based record).
Any registration that is incomplete, inaccurate, unverifiable or receive after 10.00 am on 19 June 2020 will not be processed.
Following the verification, authenticated shareholders will receive an email by 6.00 pm on 19 June 2020. The email will contain user ID and password details, as well as the link to access the live audio-visual webcast to observe AGM proceedings.
Shareholders who do not receive an email by 6.00 pm on 19 June 2020, but have registered by the 19 June 2020 deadline should contact our Share Registrar at (65) 6536 5355 or send an email to registration@gssenergy.com.sg.
Shareholders who hold GSS Energy shares through relevant intermediaries (as defined in the section 181 of the Companies Act, Chapter 50), including CPF and SRS investors, should contact the relevant intermediary (which would include, in the case of CPF and SRS investors, their respective CPF Agent Banks and SRS Operators) through which they hold such shares as soon as possible in order to make the necessary arrangements for them to participate in the AGM.
2Submit questions in advance
Submission of questions: Shareholders can submit questions related to the resolutions to be tabled for approval at the AGM to the Chairman of the Meeting, in advance of the AGM via registration link here.
Deadline to submit questions: All question must be submitted by 10.00 am on 19 June 2020.
Addressing questions: We will consider all questions and endeavour to address all substantial and relevant questions relating to the annual report for the financial year ended 31 December 2019 and the other AGM agenda items set out in the Notice of AGM received from members via an announcement on SGXNET and the Company’s website at URL https://www.gssenergy.com.sg/announcements prior to the AGM, or during the AGM.
Minutes of AGM: We will publish the minutes of the AGM on our corporate website and on SGXNET, and the minutes will include the responses to substantial and relevant questions from shareholders which are addressed during the AGM.
3Submit proxy forms to vote
Appointment of Chairman of the Meeting as proxy: Shareholders (whether individual or corporate) who pre-register to observe the AGM proceedings and wish to vote on the resolutions to be tabled at the AGM must appoint the Chairman of the Meeting as their proxy to attend, speak and vote on their vote behalf at the AGM, in accordance with the instructions on the proxy form. A copy of proxy form can be downloaded at here.
Specific voting instructions to be given: Where shareholders (whether individual or corporate) appoint the Chairman of the Meeting as their proxy, they must give specific instructions as to voting, or abstentions from voting, in respect of a resolution in the proxy form, failing which the appointment of the Chairman of the Meeting as proxy for the resolution will be treated as invalid.

Submission of proxy forms: Proxy forms must be submitted in the following manner:

(a) If submitted by post, be lodged at Company’s Registered Office at 50 Raffles Place #32-01 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623; or
(b) If submitted electronically, be submitted via email to Company’s Share Registrar at srs.proxy@boardroomlimited.com,
in either case by 10.00 am on 19 June 2020.
In view of the current COVID-19 situation and the related safe distancing measures which may make it difficult for shareholders to submit completed proxy forms by post, shareholders are strongly encouraged to submit completed proxy forms electronically by email.
CPF and SRS Investors who wish to appoint Chairman of the AGM as proxy to attend, speak and vote on their behalf at the AGM should approach their respective CPF Agent Bankers/SRS Operators to submit their votes by 10.00 am on 11 June 2020. The proxy form is not valid for use by CPF and SRS investors and shall be in effective for all intents and purposes if used or purported to be used by them.
Investors who hold the Company’s shares via a securities sub-account with a Depository Agent (“DA”) (being a relevant intermediary) and who wish to participate in the AGM by (a) watching or listening to the AGM proceedings via the live audio-visual webcast or the live audio-only stream, and/or (b) submitting questions in advance of the AGM, may pre-register at the AGM of the Company’s website at the URL https://www.gssenergy.com.sg/agm/. However, such investors should note that they will not be registered unless their DA has written to the Company to confirm that they are a securities sub-account holder with the DA, and that they hold the Company’s shares. Such investors should inform their DA that they have pre-registered for the AGM webcast/audio stream, and provide their DA with the same name, email address, identification number and contact number as they have provided on the registration page. If such investors wish to appoint the Chairman of the AGM as proxy to attend, speak and vote on their behalf at the AGM, they should contact their respective DAs as soon as possible in order for the necessary arrangements to be made by their DAs as for such appointment.